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For a law firm, a lot rests on getting its legal documents right, both in terms of the advice given and the way that advice is presented. DocXtools has been designed to fill functionality gaps in Microsoft Word and simplify the drafting process, helping law firms to achieve greater drafting efficiency and document quality.

Think of a typical document. Between starting (which may just be resaving a similar document rather than starting from scratch) and reaching the client, the document may pass through many people, each with varying skill levels, track changes and comparison software.

A fee earner will frequently encounter issues with Word during the drafting process – incorrect document ID, missing page numbers, editing on a mobile device, using the client’s documents – often attempting to fix these on his own. Dealing with an unstable or corrupt document can easily result in 30-60 minutes wrestling with Word, which may not be billable to the client.

Deployed in combination with Intelligent Office’s high-quality document production specialists, DocXtools makes formatting errors and inconsistencies a thing of the past. We have our own in-house DocXtools trainer – Implementation Manager and document production expert Shaun Holley – who works very closely with Microsystems.

DocXtools enables you to:

  • Safely reuse an old, scanned, or converted document
  • Quickly convert a document from older file formats
  • More efficiently reformat documents
  • Apply automated numbering to a document without having to understand complex numbering schemes
  • Build hyperlinked cross references in a fraction of the time it takes using Word alone
  • Employ a one-click method to apply preferred branding to incoming, re-used, or externally sourced documents
  • Batch conversion of precedents or form agreements ensures a brand-approved starting point for new documents
  • Deliver a comparison output in the form of tracked changes instead of a static redline report for optimal collaboration
  • Launch a comparison directly from Outlook or the DMS and have greater flexibility and convenience for delivering and saving document changes
  • Evaluate and repair unstable documents and restyle improperly formatted documents in a fraction of the time over manual methods

The big difference between DocXtools and off-the-shelf equivalents is that it can be tailored to your house styles, with programmable buttons to enable quick fixes when documents need drafting, fixing, reformatting and rebuilding. You can also set access levels so that your document production specialists have full access, while fee earners see a more limited range of options.

It is user-friendly and helps to ensure document consistency and quality, along with increasing productivity. When a fee earner says, “Please fix the numbering in this document”, he has client deadlines to meet but doesn’t really know how complex a fix is required. What might have taken half a day can be corrected in half an hour using DocXtools.

DocXtools can significantly reduce the amount of time required to complete tasks that occur during

the document production process, allowing firms to control costs and improve document turnaround times. Here are some examples:

  • Time saving of over 90% versus manual retyping, reformatting and proof-reading of a paper document – 200-page document required 20 hours (manually). Using DocXtools, the time was reduced to 20 minutes
  • Time saving of over 85% to cross-reference a document – 300-page document took six hours using Word and just one hour using DocXtools

To find out more about how DocXtools might benefit your firm, please speak to Shaun Holley, or +44 (0)7587 035 236.

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From its user-friendly review function to fast, automated printing, we take a close look at DocBuster’s ability to make fee earners’ lives that little bit easier.

Learning & Development

With competing calls on their time, fee earners need support from PAs who can anticipate issues or opportunities, and provide the right support. We believe that PAs should be an asset in a law firm, helping fee earners to access services, keeping abreast of client developments, and managing meetings and diaries. This, in turn, enables the fee earners to improve their service to clients.

Find out how our new PA training programme is preparing PAs to take this more proactive approach.

About Intelligent Office

Document Production – to clients on site at their premises or off site via two onshore shared services centres – is one of a number of administrative and support services Intelligent Office delivers to law firm clients across the UK. These include:

  • PA
  • Docucentre – reprographics, mail, archives and records management
  • Floor Support
  • First Impression
  • Procurement

With more than 900 staff operating across 49 client sites and two onshore shared services centres, we are the leading provider of office administrative and secretarial services to the UK legal market.

We help firms change for the better, improving the quality of support delivered to partners and fee earners and helping firms save time and money. By taking charge of administrative and secretarial services, law firms are free to concentrate on growth and productivity.

The result: flexible, modern and professional support services; improved service for clients; increased profitability for the firm; and better opportunities for support staff.