Neil Warman

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Neil Warman

Neil Warman

Chief Financial Officer

“Successful business relationships are those which deliver a great deal for all parties. I find it hugely fulfilling to support our teams in building and structuring relationships that stand the test of time, especially as the professional world continues to evolve.

Neil Warman is our CFO and company secretary. Along with overseeing the financial and legal functions of Intelligent Office, Neil is part of our leadership team and a board member. He is a huge proponent of building organisational capability for the long term, implementing tools and techniques that empower people to constantly improve how they work.

Neil’s passion as a CFO is in supporting companies to achieve the next level of growth. His extensive background in finance has included accounting, business consulting and trading within US investment banks. He believes strongly that at the heart of Intelligent Office’s success is the calibre of its employees, and the genuine care they have for clients’ businesses.


T: +44 (0) 345 658 9443