Intelligent Office goes Platinum

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As a business, Intelligent Office (IO) has always sought to deliver great support services to the UK legal sector by developing, caring for and recognising our employees – the single biggest asset we have. As a result, we are delighted to share the news that, after the most intensive Investors in People (IIP) assessment process IO has ever been through, we have recently been informed that we met the Platinum standard: the highest level of accreditation IIP offers.

This is a truly fantastic achievement.

To put our performance into context, of all the companies in the UK with some form of IIP accreditation, only 0.8% have Platinum, i.e. just 70 companies in the whole country! This underlines what a major accomplishment it is for us to be Platinum accredited, not least because of the dispersed nature of our business: IO currently operates at 48 client sites and three onshore shared services centres.

IIP’s 6th generation framework is based on the features of leading organisations from across the world, and uses a four stage performance model, with nine indicators of excellence e.g. building capability, delivering continuous improvement and leading and inspiring people. Each indicator builds against a scale to measure continuous improvement, from stage one “Developed”, through “Established” and “Advanced” to “High Performing”.

To obtain Platinum accreditation an organisation needs to score all nine indicators at stage three, and at least seven at stage four. This is a significant difference from the Gold standard, which Intelligent Office previously held, where all nine have to be at stage two and seven at stage three.

The below is one of the many comments Gordon Robertson, the IIP specialist assigned to assess us, made about Intelligent Office in the report he submitted to IIP:

“The commitment of your people is infectious in the pursuit of excellence. I was inspired by the stories and examples that your people shared in supporting, developing and improving services for your customers and fellow team members. 

Many of these examples go above and beyond whilst also demonstrating your people’s desire and grasp of what it means to be part of IO and live your values – Teamwork, Integrity, Passion and Success.

Overall, your people are great ambassadors of the IO brand.”

Building on the IIP Gold accreditations from 2012 and 2015, the Platinum award provides completely independent validation of the very special culture we have at Intelligent Office.

We know that the approach we take to the wellbeing and development of our employees is often a major factor in a law firm’s decision to outsource to us.  As you can see, this is something that continues to be high on our list of priorities both now and in the future!