What is outsourcing?

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Outsourcing is an umbrella term which is often used when one company asks another to provide services to it, rather than performing those services itself.  It is a term that's used in many different ways and often refers to sending work to India or other offshore locations.

What we do is quite different.

In our Managed Services division, we work onsite in a law firms’ own offices delivering administrative and secretarial services.  Our clients are the fee earners within a law firm and that law firm has outsourced their administrative support services to Intelligent Office. 

If you are working in our Managed Services division, you would be an employee of Intelligent Office, paid by us and we will manage and train you, but you will be based in the offices of one of our law firm clients working alongside other Intelligent Office colleagues providing support and services to that firm. 

Our Transcription Services division is based across two different locations in Scotland.  At Transcription Services we provide document production support to law firms.

Whilst a law firm might have secretaries in their offices producing documents, they may outsource any overflow work and send it offsite to Transcription Services to help out during busy periods.   Other law firms may outsource all of their document production support so the secretaries working in the law firms focus on doing other tasks such as diary management, while Transcription Services does all of their typing.

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