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At Intelligent Office, (IO), we are proud of our culture that celebrates diversity and equal opportunities for all. We want all employees to enjoy their work in a space that is free from judgement, discrimination, and prejudice. To do so, we have been working hard for many years to have an inclusive workplace in which everyone is treated as individuals and feels valued, supported and respected, regardless of their personal circumstances.



In 2018 we set up our internal diversity committee, with a mission objective to “lead Intelligent Office in our commitment to recognise the diversity of the people who work for us and celebrate our differences and our combined strength.” The committee share articles and experiences on a wide variety of topics such as disability, race, religion and LGBTQ+. We are proud of our diverse workforce, who represent 16 different religions and 32 different nationalities. At IO we promote fresh thinking as well as expertise; our employees are aged 18 to 80 and our values of teamwork and passion resonate with our older colleagues sharing knowledge and providing training opportunities for those taking the first steps in their career in administrative support.



Our employees have openly shared their experiences with us on a broad range of topics, such as anxiety, fibromyalgia, dyslexia, asperger’s, mental health and religion. We deeply value the contributions that each individual brings to our organisation and are proud to have a culture where employees want to share their experiences with us. Our diversity reps are situated across the UK, providing support and advice where needed. Our Diversity committee regularly put together and distribute materials to all employees, which cover a wide variety of topics and include contributions from staff.



At IO our DNA is that which makes us unique. Several components make up our DNA and we strive to ensure that this is consistently at the heart of our operations across the UK. Training and development accounts for a large factor of our DNA and we are regularly updating this training and the topics we cover. All employees receive training for:

  •       Dignity at work (covering unacceptable behaviour, harassment, bullying and discrimination)
  •       Diversity training (covering LGBT awareness, prejudice and discrimination, transgender awareness and soon to cover LGBT legislation)
  •       Mental Health Awareness (including supporting mental health at work and making workplace adjustments for managers and team leaders)
  •       Our managers receive training on equal opportunities and discrimination in the workplace as well as during the recruitment process



At IO we have been traumatised by the death of George Floyd and the images of police brutality. In keeping with our culture, we have launched into action and are determined to drive change within our organisation and wider society. Silence is no longer an option and we must ensure no one experiences discrimination. Our action driven initiative was launched with our CEO hosting a call to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement. All employees were welcome to join and honest, open discussions were had, with our black and ethnic minority colleagues sharing their experiences and opinions with us. From this call it became clear to us the scale of racism within our society and the importance of our actions to tackle this.

We have since partnered with two organisations to exchange our skillset with theirs. These organisations will provide training and education for our employees and help us lead the way in tackling racism. In exchange for their knowledge, we will be supporting BAME individuals with their applications to our industry, offering CV screening, interview practice and advice throughout the process.

An internal anonymous survey has also been launched in the hopes of helping us to better understand the challenges faced by our black and minority colleagues. The results will be widely available within the business and will be the starting point for our new anti-racism team. Black Lives Matter and all our BAME employees must feel supported, listened to and free from judgement.

Together we must work to eradicate racism and as a nation be actively anti-racist. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but we are confident in our plan to provide equal opportunities for all and to celebrate the diversity of our workforce.



Our priority has always been to ensure that every employee comes to work feeling happy, safe and respected. We’ve taken steps to make certain the equal opportunities across the business for all our employees, regardless of race, gender, sexuality or disability. We continue to close our gender pay gap year on year and from 2021 will also report on our ethnicity pay gap. IO have continued to develop our staff and promote from within, our company wide recognition scheme has been a huge success over its many years, with long service awards and recognition from our founder just some of the ways we acknowledge the contributions made by individuals to our company and our clients.

We have always brought innovation and new ways of thinking to our clients in the legal sector, but why stop there? As an industry we must drive the change for Diversity and strive for workplaces that are inclusive for all. At IO, our objective to drive this change begins with our people and our values as an organisation. We have made a commitment to promote diversity within our organisation and to be the face of change within the legal sector. Our upcoming diversity initiatives include unconscious bias training for all employees, educational resources regarding racism being readily available and accessible to all staff, as well as adopting blind CV screening to our recruitment process to ensure equal opportunities for all applicants.

We remain committed to recognising and embracing the diversity of our employees and to celebrate our differences and our combined strength.