Analyse the productivity and utilisation of support staff to more easily match capacity and skills with demand.




Chronos is the smart way to analyse and identify support function effectiveness; providing granular, real-time data and employee performance analytics to managers, showing what tasks employees are completing, and when.


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MinimIse time, maximise efficiency

Chronos is quick and straightforward to use. It captures a detailed snapshot of employee activities to give managers a comprehensive overview. This makes it easier to match capacity with demand, streamline decision-making and optimise efficiencies throughout the firm. 

UNlock valuable metrics beyond lockdown

Data analytics empower firms to improve productivity – regardless of where employees are working. Such insights not only help allocate resource efficiently but unlock further value by revealing how some support functions should be centralised.


Real-time Chronos data outputs include:


  • Top categories and task data by day, week and month
  • Category comparisons by role, practice team, function and location
  • Utilisation and capacity analysis, matching time recorded against time available by individual or function


Chronos’ features include:


  • Customisable branding allows logos to be added to the software display
  • Tailored categories and tasks to match terminology and requirements
  • Unique secure login for all participants
  • Designated admin rights for management teams
  • Tailored guidance pack to get all users started
  • Helpdesk to handle technical queries

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